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SATS PhD Scholarship Studies 2022 Application Update


The Lonehill Village Church launched SATS. It nevertheless maintains a tight bond with the founding church despite being an independent organization governed by a Board of Directors.

By exploring African realities in connection with regional and global trends, this PhD grant offers an exhilarating opportunity for young researchers to make a unique contribution.

Benefits of SATS PhD Scholarship Studies

Applicants who meet all the academic and registration requirements will be considered for a full PhD scholarship at SATS. The committee will select only one applicant for the scholarship. The scholarship is conditional upon continued performance throughout the doctoral journey.

Requirements for SATS PhD Scholarship Studies

You may apply if you:

1. Live on the African continent.

2. Hold an accredited research master’s degree in Theology or related fields.

3. What should be the topic or focus of your doctoral research?

SATS does not prescribe or limit the topic of your doctoral research. However, applicants may consult the following list of SATS’ research priorities (not in order of importance):

1. Theological reflections on the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

2. Discipleship and digital ecclesiology in post-Covid 19 Africa.

3. Biblical Spiritual Formation for the church in Africa.

4. Pentecostalization in Africa.

5. The Effects of the Prosperity Gospel in Africa.

6. Ecotheology / Theo-ecology in Africa.

7. Ecclesiology in Africa.

8. The Kingdom of God in Africa.

9. Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Peace Making in Africa.

10. Theology and Social / Political / Economic Transformation in Africa.

11. Theology and African Art.

12. Gender-based Violence in Africa.


Application Deadline

November 7, 2022.

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