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Imperial College President’s Scholarships 2022 Application Update


This fully funded scholarship in the UK provides scholars with an excellent opportunity to pursue their research and studies under the mentorship of top-notch supervisors.

Imperial College London Scholarship aims to promote diversity by bringing PhD scholars worldwide into a single room and help them show their skills.

These research scholarships in UK allow extraordinary students to become a part of the best institutes in UK with no worries about their financial conditions. Indeed, Imperial College London envisions a progressive society with no discrimination.

Imperial College President’s Scholarships 2022 Application Update

Eligibility Criteria

Following are the eligibility criteria for President’s PhD Scholarships 2023-2024:

1. Applicants from all around the world can apply.

2. Students having a master’s degree must have a distinction in their relevant program.

3. Applicants must possess a first-class Master’s or Bachelor’s UK degree or its equivalent.

4. Students must have contacted the supervisor and have confirmation of their support in research work.

5. Applicants having multiple Master’s Degree must have a distinction in one of them and applies to the proposed PhD program.

6. Students already studying PhD at Imperial College London are ineligible.

Benefits of Imperial College President’s Scholarships

Imperial College President’s PhD Scholarships provide the following benefits:

1. Full tuition fee.

2. A stipend of 22,900 pounds annually for meeting the living cost.

3. Consumable funds of 2,000 pounds annually for the first three years of their PhD program.

4. Tailored support, e.g., visa assistance for international students, support for disabled students, etc.

5. Access to free English Language Courses and various communities and clubs at the Imperial College London.

6. Opportunity to study in the UK without worrying about expenses.

Requirements for Scholarship

1. Academic certificates or degrees.

2. Proof of distinction.

3. Reference Letters.

4. Research Proposal.


Application Deadline

4 November 2022.

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